We're very simple

Our mission is to produce the highest-quality products and absolutely safe.
Our vision drives us forward every day.
Our core values help us to keep growing strong.

We provide eco-friendly, high-quality screen printing solutions at a reasonable price.

Since its inception in 2004, SONKHA has grown to become and has remained one of Vietnam’s top screen printing solutions. Multinational companies like NIKE, ADIDAS, and UNDER ARMOUR are among our clients.

Customer satisfaction is something that we value above all. Therefore, regardless of how big or small projects are, we are always looking for new solutions to meet clients’ unique requirements.

The experience and solidarity of our team

Our team, which consists of young members that are incredibly motivated, skilled, and enthusiastic, is prepared to transform ideas into outstanding products that meet customers’ high expectations.

Because of our strong work ethic, we can complete projects of any size effectively.

At Sonkha, teamwork is very important to us.

Besides, maintaining a healthy balance between work and break will help us be more productive. “But the most important thing to remember is never to stop learning” — Calvin Nguyen, Chief Executive Officer, keeps on reminding us.